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• good information conveyed in a more engaging style
• excellent. i really enjoyed all the cases. I wish if you can provide us with other new cases. Thank you very much
• these cases are excellent for the gdp
• no mention of parotid gland tumours increase risk!?
• excellent
• very good! please add more cases.
• Q 16 - why a possible score of 3 when there is only one possible answer? Otheriwse this website is so great, I have been telling so many people. Fantastic
• good tutorial

• Good
• I couldn't draw on the area for the RPD design.
• excellent
• excellent
• I think this case study is really good. I am preparing for my final BDS exams and using it as a revision aid.
• gud explaination for rpd , useful.Also options of implant supported denture and implant supported bridge can be given.Q i have is can a implant retained denture be given for a partially edentulous person , please let me know reasons if yes and know.thanks