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Periodontology: Module feedback

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Educational aims of this juce

This section of dentaljuce is aimed at dentists, hygienists, therapists and DCPs wanting to improve their knowledge in Periodontology.


• To understand the features of healthy periodontal tissues
• To provide an overview of the methods of prevention of periodontal disease
• To provide an update of contemporary techniques for the detection, diagnosis and management of gingivitis and periodontal disease

Anticipated outcomes

After studying in this module we expect that Dentaljuce members will be able to refine their skills in detection and diagnosis of periodontal disease and be able to employ management techniques in practice that give rewarding results both patient and operator.

GDC Principles
This CPD will support the learner in meeting the following GDC principle and the underlying standards:
• Principle 2: Communicate effectively with patients
• Principle 6: Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests
• Principle 7: Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills

This page contains verifiable CE / CPD

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Member comments:
  • Really good, very user friendly and practical. (JW)
  • It has to be the best value CPD around, and probably the most useful. Many thanks.(WK)
  • Very impressed - keep being interrupted by patients turning up! (PW)
  • I couldn't manage now without Dentaljuce. (AH - BDS Student)
  • Well good, detail excellent, very clear to use (JM)
  • Very good material. Brilliant for CPD. (PC)
  • Excellent step by step guides and photos (SR)
  • Taking ORE soon - this site is soooooo useful (AK)
  • Excellent layout, great photos (PM)
  • I cannot believe how brilliant this site is. I have passed Part 1 of the MJDF exam, and it will help so much for my Part 2. The animations, videos and content in general is just brilliant. Thank you. (DI)
  • This is the Catherine Deneuve of online dentisty. (MF)
  • I have to say dentaljuce gets better each time I look. (PP)
  • This website is so great, I have been telling so many people. Fantastic. (DY)
  • Thought provoking, and good reminder of what we should know. (FC)
  • Concise and reflective
  • Excellent content clearly explained
  • Wow. I actually understand occlusion now, thank you so much. I saw those BDJ articles years ago when newly qualified and I didn't understand any of it. It is all so much more understandable now, thank you. (TD)
  • Brilliant videos, thank you. (WS)






















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