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Dynamic Access Cavity Preparation

Designing the access cavity to allow straight line access (SLA) is a dynamic process. The shape of the access cavity is changed during flaring of the canal, to allow the flare to penetrate deeper.

The dynamic process involves
Create initial access cavity
  Penetrate canal
    Flare canal
      Adjust access cavity
        Penetrate deeper
          Flare canal
            ... and so on

Access cavity modification - Upper Right 3rd Molar

This animation shows 3 ways of deeply penetrating a canal, then combines the techniques to achieve deep penetration with maximum conservation of tooth tissues. An upper incisor is used in this example, but the principles apply to all canals.

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Educational aims of this juce

 This page aims to show how to dynamically modify an access cavity during canal penetration.
 An animation shows in detail how this can be achieved.

This page contains verifiable CE / CPD

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