The Operator for the Teeth: Charles Allen 1685
The first English Dentistry Text-book.

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still do good service; if timely helped, we are to use our utmost endeavours to do it, which to effect , we shall in the first Place clear their outside from all foulness : and then with a proper Instrument, scrape off whatever is rotten within ; washing, them very well afterwards with some convenient Liquid, to scour, and smooth away what the Instrument may leave behind : and then if the Tooth is so hollow that it may be stop’d , it must be fill'd up with such ingredients as are neither corrosive, nor ill tasted ; and of a consistence firm enough to be used in the same manner as the Teeth are : and to keep from wasting for a considerable time; but if the Tooth rots every way equally, so that there is no cavity left , wherein any thing can keep falt : it must only be kept clean: taking care after every Meal, to pick out any Meat that may get into it : and then wash it very well with fair water ; for if you neglect so to do , the Corruption of the Rotten Tooth, will fall upon the others, and so infect all the rest.

With these Precautions , I would advise every one to keep his Teeth as long as he can , although they were rotten to the very Gums, provided only they do not Ache, by reason that their Stumps filling up their Sockets, serve ( like so many Wedges ) to keep the others straight and firm in their Places: but if they are very bad, and withal subject to Ache, it is better to have them out ; lest they should occasion an ill habit in the Gums that might be hurtful to the sound ones.
The Drawing out of Teeth is practised by a great many , but perhaps understood but of very few ; and I am sure that there is a great deal more danger in the Drawing of a Tooth (especially out of the lower jaw - than most people are commonly aware of : it is an Operation that requires to be performed with great care , and Circumspection) and not so rashly as it is commonly done.
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