The Operator for the Teeth: Charles Allen 1685
The first English Dentistry Text-book.

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And that (if my opinion may be in any wise serviceable in such an attempt) I may contribute something towards the improvement of so useful an invention; I think one is to proceed in it somewhat after this manner. First I would choose an animal whose teeth should come nearest to those of the patient; as a Dog, a Sheep, a Goat, or a Baboon etc. and having tied his legs together, I would fasten his head in some convenient place, so that he might not stir in the least, and by some proper means keep his mouth open, as long as I should have occasion: that done, I would open the gums around the tooth to be taken out of his head, not only to the very jaw-bone, but as far between the said bone and the tooth, as the finest Instrument could go; leaving a very little portion of the gums about it, and then having used the same circumspection, in dividing the Patients tooth from the gums, and the Jaw-bone, I would draw it forth, and put immediately in its place that of the Brute,; fastening it very well and straight between the other teeth: and with the use of suitable remedies, I do not question in the least but that it would unite to the Gums and Jaw-bone, and in a little time become as fast as any of the others, which performance might properly be termed the natural restauration, or Renovation of Humane Teeth.

Sect. V 

Of the Tooth-Ache, Looseness of the Teeth, and decay of the Gums, with their Remedies.

The tooth-ache is occasioned many and very different ways, but that I may render what I have to say upon it, as perspicuous, and intelligible as I can: I think it very convenient
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