Enhanced Verifiable CPD from the
University of Birmingham

To get CPD, do I have to answer the questions?

There are many questions in the Dentaljuce pages for you to think about. This is to break up the page so you can maintain your focus and concentration, rather than viewing large blocks of text.

You do not have to fill in any questions, quizzes or MCQs to prove you have spent the time doing CPD, as the time recorder has all the details. The time you spend learning on the Dentaljuce site is the basis for your CPD certificates.

With each question, you can just have a think, then press the "show answer" buttons to see if you were on the right lines. If you prefer, you can write out the answers. Answers to questions, quizzes and MCQs are not saved. Revision is a very important part of learning. When you revise pages you have already visited the answers are cleared so you can have another go.

The time you spend revisiting pages is of course part of your CPD time.

Why do other CPD sites use MCQs for timing?

Excellent layout, great photos.

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