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Measuring CPD engagement

How CPD time is recorded

Dentaljuce records the exact actual time you spend studying the learning materials on the site. There are no compulsory quizzes.

The CPD timer stops after 5 minutes of 'inactivity', and restarts when the page is scrolled, or the mouse (or touch) moves.

It also stops while you are using another program or app, such as email or another web site. It restarts when you move back to the Dentaljuce page.

When building CPD time, please avoid 'gaming', such as reloading a page multiple times to increase the time, or scrolling up and down to keep the timer going. This sort of activity shows up on the CPD details report, and might be questioned by regulatory authorities.

Answering page questions

Many Dentaljuce pages are presented in question and answer format. You can type answers in if you wish, or just think about the answer. A 'Show Answer' button will give you immediate feedback to see if you are on the right lines. It will also let you know the correct answer if you have no idea. These are designed to break up the page, and to get you thinking.

Any answers you give are not saved. This is so that you can revise pages you have previously visited, and retake MCQs, as much as you want. Revision time is recorded as CPD time.

For verifiable CPD, the GDC requires "robust methods in place to confirm 'attendance' and complete participation by attendees". Additionally, the GDC requires that there be "accurate measurement of duration of CPD activity".
Dentaljuce online CPD uses a number of computer-based techniques to ensure the highest standard of verification, in addition to providing learning materials that are interactive and fun to learn with.

Why is the GDC worried?
The 2014 review of CPD provision commissioned by COPDEND in the UK raised some serious concerns.

• It is possible to take a short online MCQ and be "awarded" one hour of verifiable CPD, when there is no evidence the registrant has done any studying whatsoever. This is common with "Journal CPD" and much online CPD.

It is possible to start a one hour online video lecture, or webinar, and ignore it while leaving the computer running. Coming back an hour later, the registrant finds they have "earned" a one hour CPD certificate.

It is possible to turn up to a lecture in a lecture hall, and do email on one's mobile, surf the web, or fall asleep, yet still receive a CPD certificate.

None of this is possible with Dentaljuce, and you can be assured that, when you present your CPD evidence to the relevant authorities, your time and engagement are accurately reflected in your CPD certificate.

Page timing

When you load a Dentaljuce web page in your browser or on your mobile, the timer starts. It will stop if you leave the page - for example if you switch to another window (like email), or go to a different web site. It restarts when you come back to Dentaljuce.
When you move to a new page, or sign out, the time you spent on the previous page is recorded to the second by our server.
Only the educational pages have the timer, so you can't earn CPD (for example) if you are looking at our Policy pages.


If you don't move or click the mouse, press a key, touch your mobile for 5 minutes, the timer stops. Dentaljuce assumes you are taking a break. A warning notice appears on the page that the timer has stopped. It will restart as soon as you interact with the page again.

Cheating by refreshing the page

If you repeatedly reload the page, your Dentaljuce CPD log will show that you have repeatedly looked at the same page many times in succession. If you are asked by the GDC to provide the log, perhaps as part of a random probity investigation, it will show that the CPD time has not been obtained honestly, and will be hard to defend.

Cheating by moving through a module without reading the pages.

The dentaljuce pages are all different: some are very quick to go through, and some take longer. The CPD log will show a great variety of page timings in an apparently random order. Even when trying to be "random", after a few minutes the pattern of activity settles down and becomes apparent on the CPD log, again very hard to defend in a probity investigation.

Cheating by altering the Certificate

Every Dentaljuce CPD certificate is unique. Dentaljuce provides verification of authenticity when requested, from employers (with your permission e.g. if you are being interviewed for a job), the GDC, and other accrediting organisations.

What detail have you learned?

Each module has many pages, with each page covering a sub-topic or a micro-topic. You may choose to view every page in a module, or just the ones you have identified as needed for revision. Your CPD log lists all the sub-topics you have visited, and leaves out the ones you haven't. This provides micro-detailed verification to regulatory authorities that the CPD you have done is what they want you to have done, as well as providing you yourself with a full summary of all your learning from Dentaljuce's 2,000+ pages.

Why have we made it so robust?

Most online CPD providers occasionally get an enquiry along the lines of "How long will it take me to get 5 hours of Radiology CPD". With Dentaljuce, there is only one answer - 5 hours. We want our members to know that when they pay Dentaljuce for their CPD, it will be from a site that will provide them with CPD verification to withstand the full scrutiny of regulatory bodies like the GDC and CQC. Our measurement of time and engagement is unsurpassed by either online or attended CPD providers.

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