Enhanced Verifiable CPD from the
University of Birmingham

My Personal Development Plan

To get in the mood for a PDP, begin by being reflective about the last year at work.

What have been your main professional achievements and those of your Practice in the last 12 months?
(Complete the boxes below.)

2. Clinical skills & knowledge

I would like to improve my own clinical skills / knowledge / treatments in:

3. Non-clinical skills & knowledge

I would like to improve my own non-clinical skills / knowledge / treatments in:

4. Professional Requirements

I would like to meet the following professional requirements:

5. Further Qualifications

I would like to study for:

6. Job / Role

I would like to:

7. Practice related issues

I need to address the following issues:

8. Delivery of Dental Services

I would like to:

9. Staff / Team Issues

I would like improvements in :

Taking ORE soon - this site is soooooo useful.

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