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Sertoli Cell Tumour

A Sertoli cell tumour is a rare sex cord–gonadal stromal tumour originating from Sertoli cells, which can occur in the testis or ovary. These tumours are most commonly diagnosed in individuals aged 35 to 50. Given their well-differentiated nature, they are sometimes misdiagnosed as seminomas due to their similar appearance.

Micrograph of a Sertoli cell tumour. H&E stain.
Micrograph of a Sertoli cell tumour. H&E stain.


In males, Sertoli cell tumours typically manifest as a testicular mass or firmness. Approximately 25% of cases may present with gynaecomastia if the tumour produces oestrogens. In young boys, these tumours can cause precocious pseudopuberty, particularly if they secrete androgens.


Low magnification micrograph of a Sertoli cell tumour. H&E stain.
Low magnification micrograph of a Sertoli cell tumour. H&E stain.

On ultrasound, a Sertoli cell tumour generally appears as a hypoechoic intratesticular lesion, typically solitary. However, the large cell subtype might present with multiple and bilateral masses featuring extensive calcification. Although MRI can be conducted, it is usually not definitive. A definitive diagnosis is achieved through microscopy and immunohistochemistry, which are very important especially when differentiating from seminomas.


In males, due to the challenges associated with imaging-based identification of these tumours, an orchiectomy is often performed as a diagnostic and therapeutic measure. Given that the majority of Sertoli cell tumours are benign, this surgical intervention is usually sufficient. There is no evidence supporting the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiotherapy in treating Sertoli cell tumours.

In Non-Humans

Sertoli cell tumours are not exclusive to humans; they have been documented in other species such as domestic ducks, dogs, and horses.

Additional Images

Micrograph of a Leydig cell tumour
Micrograph of a Leydig cell tumour.
Micrograph of a Leydig cell tumour
Micrograph of a Leydig cell tumour.

Self-assessment MCQs (single best answer)

What is the typical age range for individuals diagnosed with Sertoli cell tumours?

What symptom might approximately 25% of male patients with Sertoli cell tumours present with?

What imaging technique is typically used to identify a Sertoli cell tumour?

Which of the following is NOT a common presentation of Sertoli cell tumours in males?

Which diagnostic method is definitive for Sertoli cell tumours?

What is the primary treatment for Sertoli cell tumours in males?

Sertoli cell tumours are most commonly misdiagnosed as which other type of tumour?

What percentage of Sertoli cell tumours present with gynaecomastia?

Which of the following is true regarding the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in treating Sertoli cell tumours?

Sertoli cell tumours have been documented in which of the following non-human species?


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