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Cross Infection Control

Welcome to the juce on infection control. This section of dentaljuce is Core Verifiable CPD, a recommended topic for UK dentists nurses therapists hygienists and CDTs.

Using an interactive question and answer format, this module introduces Cross Infection Control, an important subject for all members of the team to know about both for their own safety and that of their patients.

Patients deserve to be treated in a safe environment. This includes reducing the risk of acquiring an infection from a visit to a dental practice to an acceptable level.

Additionally, staff working in a dental practice also have a right to be safe from infection acquired at work. A Dental Practice must ensure that its policies and procedures respect their right, as part of its moral, ethical, and legal responsibilities.

Let's begin with a few very basic concepts:

What is meant by Cross Infection in dentistry? How can it happen?

Why is strict cross-infection control important in dentistry?

Who is at risk of acquiring an infection from the dental practice?

Broadly, how can cross infection control be reinforced within a practice setting?

This website is so great, I have been telling so many people. Fantastic.

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