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Welcome to the Dentaljuce Histology course, a comprehensive resource featuring over 400 histological slides that showcase the intricate details of tissues from all organ systems in their healthy state.

This extensive collection is a valuable tool for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of human anatomy and histology.

Each slide in this collection is paired with detailed explanatory text that looks into the structure, function, and role of the specific tissue or organ depicted. This provides a rich learning experience, combining visual representation with informative descriptions to enhance your comprehension of the microscopic world of human tissues.

Whether you are a dental professional seeking to refine your knowledge, or a student brushing up on histology, this course offers an engaging and educational journey through the body's complex organ systems. Explore this vast array of slides to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the human body.

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The aim of the learning and teaching materials in this Dentaljuce module is to allow learners to develop their professional knowledge and understanding of the microstructure of human tissues, in line with their identified personal learning requirements.

Course objective

  • to introduce, show and explain the histological foundations of the body's tissue and organ systems.

Anticipated learning outcomes:

The learner will, with respect to the components that he or she has elected to study as listed below:
  • Learn the structure and function of the body's systems and tissues.

GDC Development Outcomes
This CPD will support the learner in meeting the following GDC Development Outcome(s): C.

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