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Periodontal disease affects the gingiva, alveolar bone and supporting tissues of the teeth.

Although most individuals suffer gingival inflammation from time to time, studies indicate wide variation in susceptibility to periodontal disease and suggest that whilst 80 % of the population will develop some signs of the disease, about 10 % of the population are at high risk of developing severe destructive disease.

This group appears to be at greatest risk of losing teeth through periodontal disease.

Periodontology is the study of the supporting structures of the teeth in health and disease, and of all those factors which contribute either to the maintenance of health or to the onset and progression of diseases of these tissues.

Periodontics is the clinical discipline which deals with the prevention or treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues of the teeth by any means which are necessary and appropriate. This word is not popular with many periodontists, and "Periodontal Management" is felt to be a more appropriate term.

This module has been divided into 8 topics:

• The Periodontal Team
• Periodontal Anatomy
• Periodontal Assessment
• The Role of Plaque
• Gingivitis
• Periodontitis
• Periodontal Treatment
• Pathology of Periodontal Diseases

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