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Quiz #5

Question 1

What type of denture has been placed here?

What are the advantages of such dentures to the clinician?

What are the disadvantages of such dentures?

Question 2

What is A?

What is B?

C is hard to palpation and there is a small torus present. How could this affect the wearing of the denture and what would you incorporate into the denture to prevent such problems?

D shows evidence of ulceration. How can you resolve this prior to taking the master impression?

Question 3

What has been done here?

Why is this procedure important?

What could happen if it is not placed and how will it affect the wearing of the finished denture?

Question 4

What is this material used for?

Name two other commerically available materials

What is an important consideration for such materials ?

What is the difference between these materials and viscogel?

Concise and reflective.

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