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Medical Emergencies
SBA - MCQ #1

MCQ (Single Best Answer) Instructions

Welcome to this self-assessment quiz.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you proceed:

  • First Attempt Scoring: Your first choice is important. Select the correct answer on your initial try to score 1 mark.
  • Explore All Options: After responding, you're encouraged to review the feedback for each answer choice. This won't affect your score and can provide additional insights.
  • Feedback for Learning: Each answer, right or wrong, includes feedback. Use this to enhance your understanding of the topic.
  • No Penalties for Exploring: Feel free to explore feedback on all options without any impact on your marks.
  • Revisit for Reinforcement: You can return to questions to reinforce your learning, exploring different answers and their feedback. Your previous answers are cleared when you reload the page.

Remember, this quiz is not just for testing but also for learning. Good luck!

Choose the Single Best Answer (SBA) to the questions below:

1. When a heart is in Ventricular Fibrillation:

2. Which statement is FALSE? A Myocardial Infarction:

3. Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) :

4. Adrenal Insufficiency is sometimes known as

5. Adrenal Insufficiency occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough

6. Adrenal Insufficiency can occur

7. An Adrenal Crisis caused by dental treatment can be confused with

8. If a patient is on long term steroids, a dentist should consider altering the dose for

9. A severe anaphylaxis should be initially treated with:

10. Anaphylaxis is most likely to be triggered in a patient during a dental visit by


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