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Dental Radiography and Radiation Protection

Welcome to the juce on radiography and radiological protection. It's a big subject - try not to spend more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time !

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Radiation Physics and Radiation Biology
This juce covers how x-rays are produced and measured, and the various ways they can cause damage to living tissues.
IRMER and IRR - The UK Rules and Regulations that apply to dental radiology are presented and discussed.
One of the key principles of radiation safety, this juce looks at how it applies to various radiographic views in different dental disciplines.
This is all about the equipment used for taking, processing, and displaying radiographs, and how to ensure it is set up to give the lowest dose for a diagnostically useful radiograph.
Quality Assurance
A Quality Assurance Programme is a key requirement to ensure that good quality radiographic images are produced reliably and safely. QA programmes have to be individualised for each dental practice. We discuss the essentials.
FAQ Miscellany
A number of questions and answers on some of the details in Dental Radiography not covered in earlier pages.

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