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The Operator for the Teeth: Charles Allen 1685
The first English Dentistry Text-book.

Page 6

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within the body, (by reason of the opilation of the said pores) it causes fevers, and great disorders in our blood, and vital as well as animal function: so likewise from the substance of the teeth, are emitted certain effluviums through their pores, the transpiration of which being hindered: (by the obstruction of those invisible passages) the teeth become liable to all those infirmities hereafter to be mentioned.
The substance of the tooth being rigid and inflexible, it cannot be opilated by contraction, or astriction: as the skin usually is but only by the intrusion of some extraneous matter into its pores, or the incrustation of some slimy stuff upon its superfices: which is done when we eat anything of a glutinous nature, for then some of its most viscous parts do stick, and cleave about the teeth; and by the mixture of some tartarious particles, coming from the lungs, the heat of the mouth, and a certain petrific juice distilling into the mouth, out of the Salvial Ducts, is turned into a stone like substance, commonly called the scales or scurf of the teeth: These scales grow thicker and thicker continually, and if left alone will cover the teeth all over, except just at the top where they grind against one another.
Having thus taken notice of the production of those Scales, let us now consider of what ill consequences they may be to the Teeth. The first whereof is the opilation of their Pores; from whence proceed all the rest, for by that the exit of those Excrementious Particles before mentioned bring hindered, it causes them to stagnate within. the body of the Tooth; and there corrupting, do corrode it by degrees : beginning first by the alteration of its colour from white, to yellow ; and from yellow, to black ; and then follows the real decay of its substance etc.
The said humour is not only destructive to the teeth : but extends alto its malignity to the Gums ; some of its Particles being subtil enough ( after a due fermentation) to pass through the

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